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The Demo is setup as a ficticious Telecommunications company that leverages LeadMaximizerTM for its alternative channel program.  This Company, named Netphoria, solicits and contracts outside agents to resell its products and services.  The outside agents use LeadMaximizerTM to submit and more importantly manage leads in the pipeline.  The lead form in this case is tailored for use by a telecommunications company.  It can be easily customized to fit your business.  In fact, you can even add/edit products anytime you like, even with the demo.

Once a lead has been entered into the system it is tracked by the program manager.  Typically, the program manager would have Administrator rights, also known as master rights, to the application.  You will be logged in as the Administrator once you begin the Demo.  With these priveledges you will have full control to add/edit companies, users, products, leads and more.  For this sample Telecommunications company all products are equated to a lines.  Our clients can use lines, dollars, or any other unit of measure that helps translate that lead into something meaningful.

Enjoy the Demo.  Don't worry about the content you add or entering invalid data.  There is no need for you to delete information that you have entered while going through the demo; we reset the database every night.


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