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To the right are links to several Guided Tours.  These tours walk you through key areas of the LeadMaximizerTM Demo.  These Tours will provide you an overview of how the application works and prepare you for going through the Demo on your own.

The Tours presented here cover the Sales Agent's and the Administrator's interaction with the application.  While there are several additional user types with unique rights and features, the Sales Agent and the Administrator are the most important.  Why?  The Sales Agents are responsible for getting leads into the system and the Administrator, (who is likely the manager of the agent program or sales team), uses LeadMaximizerTM to manage the leads and make sure they get converted into sales.

For a personal online tour presented by one of our sales professionals, please C
ontact Us.

Links to Guided Tours

Administrator's Tools
  Administrator Dashboard for managing agents and leads
    1-Sales by Product
    2-Sales by Market
    3-Sales by Market + Analysis
    4-Sales by Agent
  Lead Search
  User Profiles

Agent's Tools
  Getting Leads/Prospects into LeadMaximizerTM
  Agent Dashboard for managing leads
  Lead Search

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