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LeadMaximizerTM channel management software is is designed to make your alternate sales channels thrive.  It has enabled our customers to exceed the forecasted sales projections of their alternate sales channel quotas.  Our channel management software has many applications to manage leads and orders from your alternate channel sales program.  If you are an agent manager in the telecommunications industry, a manufacturer and have independent reps, or manage any type of alternate sales agent program, you need LeadMaximizerTM.  Easily manage millions of dollars in sales leads, and alternate channels now.


Sales success depends on effective lead management. LeadMaximizerTM channel management software provides one easily accessible, centralized system to ensure lead conversion across your alternate sales and marketing channels. LeadMaximizerTM gives your team the tools necessary to route qualified leads to the right people, ensuring leads are not dropped or lost. Some of the features included in our channel management software:

  • Dashboards - User specific Dashboards display real-time analytics for lead managment
  • Reporting - Heirarchical reporting with extensive drill-down capabilities
  • Alerts - Numerous agent and lead related automated triggers
  • Security - Multiple user types with unique permissions
  • Quotas - Customizable commission and quota setup
  • Pipeline - Pre-built reports to readily equip manager with snapshot of pipeline
  • Emailed Reports - Flexible email report delivery
  • Leads Wizard - Merge Leads Wizard to handle mass transfer of leads
  • Manage Referrals - Varying referrer levels
  • Source Tracking - Track Lead Source
  • Manage Passwords - Secure login w/ auto-password change
    News Publication tool
  • E-Mailing List Manager - Quickly update users
  • Application - Pending Agent Application
  • Content Management -Easily edit pages without HTML, using web-based tool
  • Document Library - Share common documents with users
  • Training Tools - Editable, on-demand Training content
  • E-Calendar - Display upcoming events, e.g. training, seminars
  • Knowledge Base - Online help for users
  • Search Tool - Site Search Engine


  • Easy Setup - Quickly and  effortlessly scale your alternate channel sales program.

  • Rapid Deployment -  No waiting for a monster CRM application to get rolled out that promises it can do something like this.  Our customers are usually up and running within a couple weeks from placing an order.

  • Web Portal Solution  -  This application is available to your external and internal users via the Web.  No more 8-5pm limitations to selling.

  • Multiple Security Levels - Provide immediate access to appropriate account information and reports for all stakeholders; Corporate, Managers, Assistants and more.

  • Impressive Dashboard - View key performance indicators unique to each permission level.


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